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We get the job done, fast and clean!

Areas we cover

Blocked drains | Deep excavations, drain repairs | CCTV drain surveys | Drain pipe leak detection Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Premier Drainage Services Limited are the professionals to call when your draines are blocked. We detect drain and pipework blockages, reline pipes, carry out CCTV drain surveys and repair any damaged drainage systems. We offer a fast, effective and friendly service with no hidden costs. Premier Drainage Services Limited is a family run business with over 22 years experience, undertaking all aspects of drainage and sewage works. We have a fleet of specialist vehicles and equipment with fully trained engineers, enabling us to complete a reliable, trustworthy service. We work for both commercial and domestic clients, including local authorities and insurance companies.

Premier Drainage Services Limited seem to get a lot of work in the Welwyn Garden City area. The town itself is a pleasant and modern new town and was the second garden city that was dreamt up by Ebenezer Howard. Welwyn Garden City has a good deal of new industrial and residential developments and is expanding fast, so much so that it virtually joins its neighbouring town of Hatfield to the south and the village of Welwyn to the north. That equals a lot of drains and sewers that need unblocking. Modern houses are built with such speed these days that the drainage infrastructure doesn't always have sufficient time to settle and we end up with sunken sewage pipes and collapsed drains. So if you live in the Welwyn Garden City area of Hertfordshire and need some work to get your waste water flowing freely again, call Premier Drainage Services Limited today.

Damaged drains and pipes are our business!

Premier Drainage Services Limited are always on hand to respond to calls about damaged drainage systems in the Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire area. We are a professional drainage specialist and are capable of dealing with all of your drainage issues.

We start with a visual inspection and if required, we employ a CCTV remote unit to correctly identify the most cost effective way to deal with whatever the problem is. If a major problem, such as a fracture or leak is detected in your pipework, then we are able to target and repair that specific area, hopefully without the need to fully excavate the site first.

Because we are equipped with CCTV camera equipment our engineers can quickly identify the problem areas. Once the problem has been identified, we can start to remove the cause of leak. A good deal of drainage pipe cracks or leaks are caused by root structures damaging the pipes and sometimes the roots start to mass and grow inside the pipe, causing issues with slow drainage. Once we have discovered the cause, we can prepare for a drain patch relining.

Quite often, the best option is to repair the drain using a trenchless technology such as a patch repair, this method is quite cost effective, much quicker and causes less destruction, while other cases will require a full excavation of the site and possibly even drain and or pipe replacement.

The drain patches that are used are fabric segments which are impregnated with an epoxy resin. These are then carefully placed into the drain or sewer on a pipe packer. Once the damaged section is reached, the pressure is set so the packer matches to the inside of the pipe. The patch is held securely in place until the resin cures properly. The inflation packer is then deflated and withdrawn. The patch is left in place forming a smooth and very strong bond with the existing pipe, this provides a reliable structural repair.

The great thing about drain patch repairs is that there is no need to reline long lengths of drainage pipework in order to reach one specific area. Faults can be repaired without the need to reopen pipe junctions using robotic cutting tools or excavating the site to access the pipework. This is particularly desirable if the pipework is beneath a patio that you don't want removed. Due to the effectiveness of this method of repair, we can ensure that any defect that has been identified early can be repaired very quickly. This will prevent the chances of ground collapse or any other major disruption to the drainage flow.

The benefits of patch repairs to your drainage system in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

  • Creates a permanent and water tight pipe repair.
  • A very cost effective pipe and drainage repair method.
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemical damage.
  • Leaves a smooth finish with no disruption to the current drainage system.
  • The installation causes minimal disruption to your day to day activities or the running of your business.
  • Tested and approved to industry standards.
  • An environmental friendly solution to leaking pipes and drains.
  • Carries a full 20 year guarantee.

Our drain patch repairs are a low cost and speedy solution ensuring that expensive and invasive groundworks are avoided and fully conforms to Ofwat regulations.

Premier Drainage Services Limited ensure that all our work is carried out in a professional and courteous manner. We will do our very best not to leave you without any essential services while we complete our work and we leave youre property as tidy as we possibly can. So whether it's just a blocked drain, an overflowing toilet or work that requires deep excavations, Premier Drainage Services Limited can get the job done.

Further Information

If you would like to know more or are interested in a quote we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01438 222 758, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Areas covered:

Telephone: 01438 222 758

Fax: 01438 728 836

Mobile: 07976 979 190


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