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24/7 Emergency call-out for blocked or damaged drains
CCTV Surveys of drains to quickly locate any problems
FREE QUOTE for drainage services and repairs
Hertfordshire – Bedfordshire – Essex – North London

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Drain Repair in Stevenage

A cracked drainage pipe in Stevenage, what can be done?

Drain repair in StevenageAny damage to a drain can be a really serious problem. A damaged drain can result in extensive property damage, terrible smells, pollution of the surrounding soil, causing plants or trees to die and can also lead to the spread of diseases. An accumulation of foul groundwater will build up, but may not be immediately evident at the surface if the damage is in an area that is out of sight or in a very low traffic area.

This sort of problem can have very serious consequences to nearby properties and their occupants. When foul drainage waste is not carried away effectively and the soil becomes polluted, trees can soon start to die, making the possibility of limbs falling onto people or property more likely. Left unchecked, the entire tree root system becomes weakened, leading to a complete collapse.

Water alone can cause immense damage to properties, but foul drain water contains far more than just water, effectively it could be dirty dishwater through to raw sewage from the toilet, clearly not the sort of waste anyone would want getting into or under their Stevenage property. These conditions attract flies and this in turn can lead to disease being spread if left unchecked.

So what is likely to cause damage to your drains?

Cracked pipes are often caused by the incursion of roots from nearby trees and shrubs, underground movement and the corrosion of the actual pipe should it be manufactured from metal. Often the ceramic pipes can degrade over time and are often damaged when people dig too deep in their garden and strike the pipe, weakening it in the process.

What to look out for at your Stevenage property

There are some tell tale signs that you may have a cracked or damaged pipe or drain that needs repairing, these include a disgusting smell, wet patches in a particular area and sinkholes. You may also notice cracked walls and floors or a build up of flies or maggots. A backed up drain may not be simply blocks, it may be damaged and in need of repair. Some home owners have invested a small amount of money in a rodding set or a long metal flexible spring like device that help shift any blockages near to their properties. Should the damage or blockage be further than the DIY solution can reach, a professional drain cleaning and repair company should be employed. The small amount of money you pay one will be insignificant when compared to the many thousands of pounds worth of damage that could be caused.

What can a professional do to help repair a damaged drain?

CCTV drain surveys in Stevenage

If you suspect that your drain is cracked or damaged in some other way, the best thing to do is to call a professional drainage company, such as Premier Drainage Services Limited. We will conduct a thorough CCTV inspection of the pipes.

Should we discover that the drain is cracked, it is then necessary to decide on what measures should be taken to fix the problem depending on the seriousness and the extent of the damage.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to repair the drain using trenchless technologies such as patch repairs, which are much cheaper, less time consuming and cause considerably less destruction, while other instances will require full excavation and even drain replacement.

Slip lining

The slip lining method is the oldest form of trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology, and involves the insertion of rigid tubes into the cracked or damaged drainage pipes to improve structural integrity and prevent leakage.

The two methods of slip line installation are continuous and segmented installation. Both methods involve the tubing being inserted as one separate piece or the installation of tubing in separate pieces. Common materials from which slip line tubes are made include fibreglass and high density polyethylene, also referred to as HDPE.

Cured in place pipe

Cured in place pipe is a drain relining method that uses trenchless technology and is a very effective means of repairing cracked drainpipes. The process involves an inverted, tubular material soaked with resin being inserted into the cracked drain pipe with the use of either a winch or air pressure.

An inflatable device is then used to expand the material to fit the form of the pipe interior after which the resin is activated via the use of water or UV light and held in place by the inflatable device. The resin is then allowed to cure before the inflatable device is removed.

Full excavation and drain replacement

Unfortunately sometimes the extent of drainpipe cracking or overall damage is to such a degree that no trench rehabilitation technologies are able to rectify the problem. In these circumstances where pipes can not be repaired the only remaining option is to excavate the site in full and to replace the damaged pipe with a new one.

Full excavation and pipe replacement, is far more expensive and time consuming than modern trenchless methods, as well as being more destructive to the site in general. However, when you consider the consequences of leaking drains, the extra time, disruption and cost is easily justified.

Premier Drainage Services Limited are available at short notice in the Stevenage area and beyond to provide drain repairs and relining for all cracked drains. Our CCTV surveys provide the most detailed appraisal of the problem, allowing our experts to carry out the necessary action.

Services provided by Premier Drainage Services Limited in Stevenage

Our drainage division specialises in all aspects of drainage work including repairs.

Where a “no dig” solution is required, the situation is assessed, a solution found and the appropriate work carried out. This could include the following activities:

  • Deep excavation and repairs to drains
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Dye testing
  • Drain cleaning using high pressure water jetting and descaling
  • Sonar sewer and drain tracing
  • Root cuting where the roots are causing issues to the drain
  • Water testing
  • Pitch fibre – reforming
  • Trial holes
  • Lateral cutting and pipe bursting
  • Drain and sewer re-lining
  • Drain repairs and clearance
  • Pipe work
  • Moling

24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

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CCTV Drain Surveys

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Damaged Drains Repaired

Damaged Drains Repaired

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