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Deep Excavations and Repairs

Drain excavation and repairs

Deep Excavations and Repairs

Deep excavations and repairs to a privately owned domestic drainage system rarely raises any planning issues, unlike the strict guidelines for excavations within the roads, footpaths and highways and such works can only be carried out by approved contractors.

There are lots of methods of drain repair but more often than not at some stage of the proceedings it will come down to the good old fashioned shovel. There are occasions when a drainage system can be repaired just by using a no dig method such as a manhole to manhole relining procedure, however if there are junctions, lateral connections or severely misaligned joints then it is inevitable that some deep excavation work will be required.

Deep excavation work is particularly relevant to domestic drainage systems where there are numerous connections entering a drainage system over fairly short distances, and defects found on the main line serving a property such as root ingress or misaligned joints and fracturing.

When the repair work is related to subsidence or water ingress to cellars and sub floors then it is these branch lines that are of most concern as they are adjacent to the property foundations, so there is little point relining the main line drainage and leaving the leaking and fractured rest bend at the base of the soil vent pipe.

There are several things we take into account before we start to excavate the ground and renew your drainage system. We need to ensure we are not going to sever any gas or electricity cables whilst performing the deep excavation. Even if they were not laid in the same trench as the water pipes, they will at some point probably cross it. So it is important to locate these services prior to the commencement of any deep excavation.

Excavations are dangerous places too, so we always ensure the excavation site is well lit and or taped off to prevent any accidents.

What to do with the excavated soil

Once we have made the deep excavation, the vast majority of the soil can be used for back filling, failing that any surplus could be skipped. If we are using the excavated soil for back filling, we store it away from the excavation site and cover it so it stays dry.

The materials we use

When the deep excavation is done and the defective pipe work is uncovered, we can then begin the repair. We will replace any broken and fractured drains. Premier Drainage Services Limited carry all sorts of bends, junctions and adaptors with them to minimise the need to keep nipping off to the builders merchants to pick up an extra bend or junction.

Premier Drainage Services Limited will repair or replace the faulty pipe work as quickly as possible as we do not want to leave you without the use of the basic facilities for any longer than is necessary. Another reason for us to work quickly is that water running through a trench can quickly erode the sub soil and make the trench unstable, also the clean up will take ten times longer if there is a thick slurry all over the place.

Premier Drainage Services Limited get your garden back to normal after a deep excavation

Premier Drainage Services Limited always try to get your property back to the way it was before we called but as you can appreciate, a deep excavation will at best leave a scar in the ground, a missing patch of lawn that needs seeding again or a part of the patio that will need re-laying.

Why not call Premier Drainage Services today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Telephone: 01438 222 758

Fax: 01438 728 836

Mobile: 07976 979 190


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