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We get the job done, fast and clean!

Areas we cover

Blocked drains | Deep excavations, drain repairs | CCTV drain surveys | Drain pipe leak detection Ashwell, Hertfordshire

Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Premier Drainage Services Limited are the professionals to call when your draines are blocked. We detect drain and pipework blockages, reline pipes, carry out CCTV drain surveys and repair any damaged drainage systems. We offer a fast, effective and friendly service with no hidden costs. Premier Drainage Services Limited is a family run business with over 22 years experience, undertaking all aspects of drainage and sewage works. We have a fleet of specialist vehicles and equipment with fully trained engineers, enabling us to complete a reliable, trustworthy service. We work for both commercial and domestic clients, including local authorities and insurance companies.

Premier Drainage Services Limited have some very happy clients in the lovely little village of Ashwell. A repeat customer of our lives very close to the dell in the centre of the village and suffers with recurring blocked drains because the pipes there are quite narrow and her neighbour repeatedly disposes of oils and fats down her sink. These substances are pretty much guaranteed to accumulate within the underground pipes and cause a blockage that will see foul waste water flooding into her garden from the drain under her kitchen window. Ashwell is a pituresque little village and it's a shame to let such a stink spoil an otherwise desirable property. Fortunately Premier Drainage Services Limited are always on hand to clear away the sticky offending mess and return her drains to normal. So if you live in Ashwell and would like some maintenance carried out on your drains, call Premier Drainage Services Limited for a service that's second to none.

There is no drainage job too big or too small for us!

Here at Premier Drainage Services Limited, we will attend your property in Ashwell, Hertfordshire no matter how big or small the drainage job is. We are a professional company who have a wealth of experience in repairing both internal and external drainage. We also replace damaged manhole chamber covers, gullies, soil vent pipes and soak away systems.

Drain Repairs with the no dig lining techniques

Owing to the cost and amount of work involved, we always, whenever possible, try to repair drains using no dig lining method. This is because it causes a minimal disruption to the site and your life and is far more cost effective. Although cheaper and less invasive, it still ensures that drains remain watertight and will work properly again.

A CCTV drain survey will normally be carried out to confirm the structural condition of the drain and we can then advise as to which type of lining repair is required, we keep you informed every step of the way. If single or isolated structural faults are discovered, then patch lining methods may be recommended. If the entire drain between two points is damaged then a full cured in place liner will be necessary.

Both of these repair options have one thing in common, they require the drain to be cleaned using high pressure water jets before the repairs can be made to ensure that the surface of the pipes are clean. Most drains can be repaired using one of these two methods, including clay pipes, cast iron pipes, concrete pipes, pitch fibre and UPVC pipes.

Excavation and replacement of damaged drainage pipes

To work correctly and efficiently, drains and sewers must be in good condition and any damage to your drains will need to be repaired. Clearly water taking a long time to drain from sinks or foul odours from drains will be an indication that there is a problem. Some tell tale signs may be harder for the untrained eye to spot and a professional drainage expert may be required to conduct a full diagnostic check to highlight further problems. We are experts in replacing cracked, broken or collapsed pipes. Our drainage experts will advise you what repairs are necessary and will be able to resolve any problem promptly and with the minimum of disruption.

For all types of drainage repair to your property in Ashwell, Hertfordshire, we will give you a fixed price quote before we begin any work so you know what the cost of the work will be, we will not hit you later with any extra hidden costs and all of our work is of course guaranteed.

Premier Drainage Services Limited ensure that all our work is carried out in a professional and courteous manner. We will do our very best not to leave you without any essential services while we complete our work and we leave youre property as tidy as we possibly can. So whether it's just a blocked drain, an overflowing toilet or work that requires deep excavations, Premier Drainage Services Limited can get the job done.

Further Information

If you would like to know more or are interested in a quote we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01438 222 758, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Areas covered:

Telephone: 01438 222 758

Fax: 01438 728 836

Mobile: 07976 979 190


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