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We get the job done, fast and clean!

CCTV Camera Drain Surveys

Premier Drainage Services Limited put your mind at rest

CCTV camera drain surveying equipment

Should you be plagued by a persistent fault in your drains, a CCTV drain survey could be the answer and will allow you to see the problem in full colour on our monitor. The pipe blockage could be anything from a collapsed pipe to a cuddly toy that has somehow found its way around the U-bend. All manner of household objects seem to find their way into drainage systems and CCTV camera drain surveys eliminate the need to excavate all the pipwork to diagnose the problem.

Premier Drainage Services Limited only employ skilled professionals

Premier Drainage Services Limited employ a small team of skilled engineers who really know their stuff. All of our personnel are fully trained to national standards and are equipped to deal with any situation. Should you require a CCTV camera drain survey, why not give us a call and we can even show you any obstructions in your pipework on the monitor. We carry the CCTV cameras on our vans and can check out any problems you have quickly, allowing us to determine what is the best course of action to rectify the situation.

No hidden charges or nasty surprises with Premier Drainage Systems Limited

At Premier Drainage Systems Limited, we give you a price up front, with no hidden charges. We break down the charges for everything we do so you stay fully informed. If we discover there is a problem with your drains that simply unblocking will not rectify, such as a sunken, cracked or collapsed drain, we won't try to quote for major works but encourage you to check with your buildings insurance. We frequently liaise with our customers insurers directly to help manage the entire process for you, thus removing all the worry for you. Once the go ahead from the insurance company has been granted, we can start work to quickly and safely repair your drainage system.

Premier Drainage Services Limited look after their clients

All of our engineers take the utmost care when working on your drainage system and ensure the disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. The CCTV camera drain survey is an efficient method of diagnosing a problem without the need to dig up your garden, we don't just go for a quick fix! We will frequently suggest other solutions to problems should we identify them, such as having a watertight non return valve fitted to help prevent waste water or sewage backing up the drainage pipes in flood prone areas.

Telephone: 01438 222 758

Fax: 01438 728 836

Mobile: 07976 979 190


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